About us

Partner of Aerospace, Defense and technological industries, 2E WINDINGS provides to its customers : manufacturing of electric motors components and assemblies, from unit to 3000 products by year, industrialization and co-engineering.

Founded in 2009, 2E WINDINGS has a know-how and an expertise from 8 to 29 years of skills.

Based at Auxerre (Burgundy / FRANCE), 2E WINDINGS – FRANCE is set with different production zone on 800m² fully climatized to insure a stable hygrometry and temperature.

2E WINDINGS is committed to a policy of respect of its customers, suppliers, environment, quality, costs and delivery times.

The company is also committed to an approach of support to its customers on every range of products, with the ability and willingness to bet on reactivity, without apprehension of technical innovation, and sharing risks with its customers and suppliers.

It can also rely on the know-how of its partners and propose, if necessary, the so-called “low-cost” products located in North Africa or in Europe thanks to the opening, in 2018, of the manufacturing workshop 2E WINDINGS – PORTUGAL.

2E WINDINGS draws on two driving tools which are :

  • A certified EN9100 management system
  • A Cegid PMI ERP

General Manager